50 Years Of Male Dominance In Public Administration & Financial Management In Nigeria


1. The Nigerian Nation
2. Leadership in Seventeen Local Governments in Akwa Ibom Legislative/Council Executive
3. Basis for Male-Dominance: A Gender Perspective
4. Female Gender and Leadership in the Political Sector
5. Women Political Leaders: A Global View
6. A Challenge to Women to Participate in Politics in Large Numbers
7. Nigerian Women in Leadership A Profile
8. Give A Woman A Chance as the President
Of Nigeria


This book is written to challenge most nations all over the world and Nigeria in particular who has never produced a woman president and governor. Women tend to blame the men for their insignificant number in the public sphere. One is tempted to accept the belief of some Schools of thought such as Liberal Feminists who believe that men and women have equal potentials to govern. On the other hand, one should not loose sight of the psychology of womanhood which fully explains why most women shy away from public activities such as polities. With women’s managing and nurturing characteristics, they (women) are more likely to be better managers of the Nation’s
resources than do men. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission have arrested many public officers who are men including insignificant number of women who have mismanaged the Nations resources. In terms of frequency of such occurrences, women could be said to be 0.1 percent while that of men is given as 99.9 percent (Umoh, 2001).

The issue of women participation in politics still remains a disturbing one to women politicians all over the world. Evans asks, ‘Do the items of factual information holders etc., which are commonly used, in fact comprise the most salient basis for political understanding Women, I have shown, are not inevitably apolitical; they can get involved in politics when its concerns and mechanisms are accessible to them. It is probably true that women are less ‘political’, in a conventional sense, than men but that is quite different from saying that they do not appreciate the political dimension in social life(Evans, 1980:221).

This book has highlighted the position of women in public life and the works of political scientists have revealed that women subjugation and exploitation cuts across the entire globe. Many decades ago, few women were seen in disciplines such as political science. Even when female children dared to venture into such field, they were discouraged by their parents, the church and the society.

Currently, the political science discipline has been able to enlighten women in their political venture. A female university graduate who undergoes a university education for about four (4) years has learnt how to reason for herself if it is a good thing that women venture into the area of politics or not. By the time she is out of school, her orientation makes her a bold, decided and determined individual to champion women question. The Title of this book; Public Administration and Financial Management in Nigeria is limited to offices of the , presidents, ministers, governors, chief judges of the Federation, Commissioners in Akwa Ibom State and legislators in the 17 Local Governments.

Dr. Enobong Umoh

Enobong David Umoh is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration. In 1996, she activated her lecturing career as an Assistant Lecturer and has grown to her present rank as an Associate Professor.
She has taught and is still teaching Undergraduate and Post Graduate students. She holds members in Professional Bodies such as Nigerian Political Science Association (NPSA).
To her credit are Several Journal Articles, Book Chapters, Monographs and Books. She has attended several conferences. One of such is National association of Women Academics (NAWACs) 4TH International Conference, “Uyo 2004”, September 5th – 10th, 2004 where she presented a paper on “Globalization and Women in Politics: The Nigerian Experience”. She is married and blessed with 5 children. You can visit her knowledgebase at www.enobongumoh.com.ng where you will know more about her and be granted open access to several of her works.

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