A Comprehensive English Course: for Schools and Colleges


ISBN 978-227-541-7


This book presents in one volume six areas of language study: vocabulary development, Essay Writing, Structure, Comprehension, Summary and Pronunciation. The comprehensive approach is meant to save both the student and the teacher the problem and the cost of acquiring different texts in these areas. The approach is largely introductory with occasional elaboration to cater for students who are studying English at a higher level. The materials in this volume
provide instant and authoritative reference for students who are trying to learn the English Language at both the secondary and tertiary levels and those who are trying to remedy deficiencies by unlearning what they had learnt wrongly. Exercises are provided to help the student practise the aspects discussed and to help the teacher in his evaluation.

The book which is a product of many years of experience of teaching English would be useful to the Senior School Certificate class, the Remedial English year students, the Use of English freshmen and other undergraduates who need the basic issues discussed in the book to help them particularly to consolidate their English grammar and writing skills. The general reader will also find the book an invaluable guide.

Inyang Udofot
Bassey Ekpenyong

Prof. (Mrs) Inyang Udofot

Prof. (Mrs) Inyang Udofot is a Professor of English Phonetics and Semantics in the Department of English, University of Uyo She is also the author of An Introduction to the Morphology of English, the Co-author of Aspects of Spoken Language, An Oral English Course jor Schools and Colleges and A Comprehensive English Course for Schools and Colleges. She has authored several articles in both national and international journals.
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