Banking in Nigeria: Practice and Management


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In the wake of rapid development with its attendant technological breakthroughs and human tendencies. virtually every branch of knowledge is embracing professionalism. The banking industry is one of the branches that is pioneering this professional movement. Interestingly, institutions of higher learning in Nigeria are affiliating with appropriate, professional bodies (Banking, Accounting, Marketing. Management. Engineering, etc) and recently the Department of Finance and Banking, University of Port Harcourt was the first in the East of Niger to be affiliated with the Chartered Institute of Bankers of ‘Nigeria (CIBN). This is in an effort to turn out into the labor market men and women that can squarely face the challenges of the 21″ century. Unfortunately, most texts in banking and finance lack this professional touch, thereby leaving students and other users with unbalanced knowledge of the new trend. 

This gap has guided us in the preparation of this book: Banking In Nigeria: Practice and Management. Conscientious efforts have been made to make this book useful to both bed and desk readers. To this end, technical and non-technical components have been simplified with examples, illustrations and cases. This is however, without sacrificing content. For professionals and students. you cannot avoid being desk readers! 

The subject matter deviated a little from the traditional content as well as the organization. Consequently, the book is divided into parts, sections and chapters. Specifically this book has Three Parts, Six Sections and Twenty-four Chapters. Chapter One. Section C and Part 3 are sources of the deviations. These deviations are enrichment to the traditional content. 

The scope of this book provides for wider readership. Bankers and their Executives. Investment Managers, Practitioners, Professional Examination Candidates, Students, Banking Public and other economic enthusiasts will find this text interesting. 

Academic etiquette requires that an author(s) accept full responsibility for error(s). This has been done here and requests that constructive criticisms and comments that will enrich our knowledge in preparing the second edition are happily welcome. A COMMENT SHEET is attached at the end of the book for this purpose.

Emeka Okereke

Professor Emeka J. Okereke

Professor Emeka J. Okereke is a distinguished faculty member in the Department of Finance and Banking at the renowned Faculty of Management Sciences at University of Port Harcourt. With extensive experience and expertise in the field of finance, Professor Emeka J. Okereke is a sought-after educator, researcher, and industry consultant. Professor Emeka J. Okereke earned his Ph.D. in Finance from [University/Institution], a globally recognized center of excellence for finance education and research. His doctoral studies focused on [specific area of finance], where he conducted extensive research and contributed to the advancement of financial knowledge. Prior to his doctoral degree, Professor Emeka J. Okereke completed his Master’s in Finance, equipping them with a solid foundation in financial theory and analysis. Visit for more detaails.

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