Bioconversion of water hyacinth lignocellulose into feed supplement by lignocellulytic Streptomyces


C. A. Etok and S. P Antai (2007). International Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences 2 (1): 14-22.

The bio-conversion of Eichhornia crassipes (MART) (water hyacinth) into feed supplement by some
Streptomyces species isolated from compost dump in Calabar was investigated. The proximate composition
analysis revealed 14% crude protein, 16.8% crude fibre, 7% crude fat, 8% ash content and 54.2%
carbohydrate. After fermentation for fourteen days, all the components decreased in composition except crudeprotein which increased from 14 to 21%. The toxicants were hydrocyanic acid (0.70mE), total and solubleoxalate (2.12mg, l.2lmg), phytic acid (0.274 mg) and tannins (0.038mg), per kg. All the toxicants showed a decrease in composition after fermentation. Of the four Streptomyces species studied for their ability to degrade water hyacinth lignocellulose, two, GS; and Sn had the highest lignocelulolytic activity. GS; and S1; produced a lignin loss of 20% and 27%’respectively, carbohydrate loss of 52% and 55%, lignocellulose weightloss of 47% and 48%, crude protein production of 15% and 14%, APPL production of 0.20 gram and 0.180 gram respectively. A consortium of these two isolates was used for fermentation of water hyacinth lignocellulose into protein feed supplement. A 20% level supplementation gave weight increases and an apparent digestibility of 87.23 in rats fed with the diets. The present study demonstrates the high potentials of Streptomyce: in converting lignocellulose waste into useful products.

Prof. Comfort Etok

Professor Comfort Etok is a Professor of Microbiology from University of Uyo. Her area of specialization is Industrial/Food Biology. She has obtained her BSc, MSc. and Ph.D in Microbiology from University of Calabar..

She has been a recipient of several awards, one of which was the Professor Nduka Okafor’s prize for Best Graduating Student in Microbiology. She has served and is still serving in various committees in the University, State and National frontier. She has supervised and is still supervising intelligent undergraduate and postgraduate researches in Microbiology. One of such research worthy of note is “Fermentation And Amino Acid Profile Of Maize Pomace And Rice Husk And Their Dietary Effects On Broilers Chicken”.

She holds Membership in several Professional Bodies like American Society for Microbiolgy, Nigerian Society for Microbiology etc. She has published highly rated Journal Articles, Book Chapters etc. One of such publication shaking her field is “Bdellevibrio and Like Organisms: The much Anticipated “Magic Bullet”.” published by World News of National Science.
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