Child-labour, child/teenage prostitution, youth illiteracy and unemployment in Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria by Akpan H. Ekpo


Chapter 5

Akpan, G. E. and Christopher N. Ekong (2006)
Youth Empowerment for Sustainable Development

Prof. Godwin Akpan

Godwin E. AKPAN, Professor of Economics – specializing in Economic Theory, Public Finance and Development – is a seasoned academic, a reliable and diligent professional with astute skills for consultancy and academic work schemes. With sound motivational knowledge, excellent interpersonal attitude and adaptable personality for teamwork, he can work conveniently as a team member as well as lead a team of professionals. He has working experience of delivering on tight schedules and timeline reporting, with natural skills for deflation of pressure, stress controls and emotional tolerance at work. He has an excellent, analytical mind richly endowed with capacity for generation of solutions to intriguing problems and freely injects lifeline suggestions to facilitate work and deliverables. He has adequate computation and ICT skills for efficient delivery, with capability of sharing ideas and skills at team level.
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