Early Virtual Library Utilization and Educational Adjustment of University Students: A Study of University of Uyo by Uduakobong Oscar Udoh & Mbuotidem Odudu Umoh


The study examined the effect of early exposure of first level university students to library services and virtual world on their educational adjustment. The variables were availability and utilization of library and virtual services and educational adjustments. The study researched and hypothesized using these methods: Out of a population of 2,140 year one students of 2012/2013 library-registered users in the University of Uyo library, 1207 were purposively selected as the sample. The instrument used was questionnaire. Design was ex-post-facto and the statistics used was Pearson Product Moment Correlation (PPMC) and chi-square analyses. The finding revealed significant effect of all the variables on students’ educational adjustment. The meaning was that
children’s early exposure to library and virtual services positively affected educational adjustment of children. The study recommended that government should provide library and virtual services in public primary/ secondary schools to help prepare children for functional higher school life. Parents should provide early virtual and library services to their children that will lead to more effective utilization of these facilities in higher school.

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