Film: Philosophy and Practice


ISBN: 978-35902-4-3

Film: Philosophy and Practice is a modest
attempt to present film studies in such a way that it can be
easily understood by student. It is written against the
background of several years of practical experience in
film television production and teaching of film courses in
tertiary institution. Consequently those areas where |
students find most difficult have been simplified for easy
comprehension. The work is thus invaluable for both
teachers of film and their students.


Film History
What is Film?
Summary of Film History
Film Institutions in Nigeria
Film Genre
Philosophy and Functions of Film
Issues in Film
Problems in Film Production
Comparing Video — Theatre — Radio — Film

Film as a medium
Film Language
Aesthetic Elements of Film
Film Characteristics

Film, Camera and Lighting
Types of Camera Used in Film Production
Lens and Image
Creative Lighting
Light Source for Filming
The Filming Process
Shooting for Editing Purpose

The Structure of the Film Script
Story Board
Film Production Script
The Post Production Script

Structure of the Film Industry
Film Director and Writer
The Writer and the Cinematographer
The Director and the Film Crew
The Film Director and the Performer
Children and Animals
Film Editing
The Sound Mixer
How to Market a Film

Film Critique and Design
Film Criticism/Evaluation
Film Design
Graphics in Film

Careers in the Film Industry
Continuity Secretary

Documentary Film
Planning a Documentary
Subject Research
Writing the Documentary Script
Types of Documentary Format
Budgeting a Documentary Film




It is no exaggeration to say that of all the media of communication, the film medium has the most universal appeal and impact. Properly conceived and executed, film can rise above the limitations of language and cultural barriers by the power of its visual image, its use of music and can succeed in conveying the same message to audiences of heterogeneous backgrounds.

This third edition of the text Film: Philosophy and Practice is structured with solid philosophical and theoretical base surrounding film studies. The book gives insight into major concepts and methodology by filmmakers, issues in film studies and the medium contributions to the upliftment of society. It equally provides the reader with clear understanding of the fundamental mechanism of film, while revealing each member of the film production crew and how their jobs are interrelated.

The book will serve as a companion to students of film studies and practitioners who wish to broaden their knowledge in the technical and creative aspect of today’s theatrical, educational and industrial filmmaking.

It is divided into two sections. Sections I content include film, film history, genre, film theory, philosophy and issues. Section II embodies career in the industry and production procedures.

Church S. Akpan, PhD,
Department of Mass Communication
University of Nigeria
Nsukka, Nigeria
February, 2009

Prof. Church Akpan

Prof. Church Solomon Akpan is a Professor of Mass Communication,
Akwa Ibom State University, Obio Akpa Campus. He was the former Head of the Department of Mass Communication in the University and former Head, Nigeria, Nigeria(2009-2011)

He is a graduate of the Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Enugu (B.Sc Mass Communication), University of Nigeria, Nsukka (M.A. Mass Communication) and University of Uyo (Ph.D Mass Communication). Also, an alumnus of the New York Institute of Technology, Manhattan, USA and School of Television Production, London, England.

His broadcast experience spanned over a period of 20 years with Radio/Television station in Nigeria.

He has published over 43 articles in reputable journals both locally and internationally in addition to three books he authored and he is married and
blessed with a daughter.

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