Frogs at Noon(Play-Text)


What should a leader do in the event apparent mischief which paints the city in bad light? Be indifferent to it as if it is one of those things? Set up a panel to investigate the case whose report gets buried along with the case, while those directly affected are nursing painful wounds? Even when the wounds seemingly get healed, what of the ever-reminding scars? But the leadership in Frogs At Noon, in the face of an embarrassing ordeal, ochestrated by a citizen of Rebem, handles the matterwith the fiat and weight it deserves.


We live in u society which is fast overun by vices. In certain cases even when the animal is known, the authorities do nothing about it. But in this play, an abnormality is fought with the vigour that it deserves. The criminal is capitally punished for all the heinous crimes he committed. The rest of the world shudder at the thought of criminality.

Frogs At Noon also demonstrates that change is the only constant thing. Many times people hold on to traditions sacredly even when common sense dictates otherwise. Worse still, is the discovery that some horrible people actually hide behind tradition to perpetrate evil. And for as long as the cloak of tradition continues to cover them, they remain persistent in their horrendous deeds. But when change is encourage, uncanny conducts are exposed. The challenge in this play is for all to aspire to greatness, defy the apparent odds which tend to threaten their dreams and forge ahead regardless. then of course those people who exceptionally distinguish themselves in their feats, are the only ones who deserve laurels. Our young men must be re-orientated to accept the fact that money is not everything.

Rebem is an imaginary village in Ibibio land, several years before the advent of colonialism. The characters are all imaginary; and the story is my first attempt at writing absolutely from the rich resource and recess of the soul. This is not one of those stories my grandmother told me. It is not an experience someone shared with me, either. I only decided to occupy my time judiciously after the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) experience.

Frogs At Noon is then one of the first works l wrote in 1984.

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