Instructional Design Resource for Nigeria Youth Manpower Development by Stella N. Nwosu


Nigeria, like other African countries, is beguiled with various educational resource allocation challenges. As the country strives to satisfy global educational resource standards, it must also meet peculiar indigenous needs, among which is the provision of efficient pedagogical resources. The youths are a nation’s future manpower; The productivity and advancement of any nation depend heavily on the attitude and values they imbibe. The inculcation of desirable values and attitudes in our youths is both an informal and formal process. The Federal Government of Nigeria has made various efforts to provide formal training for Nigerian youths on social and civic values and leadership skills- However, there is a gap in these formal training attempts, in the
First-Basic Education where the youths are at their most vulnerable stage, there is no formal structure to assist them in developing proper values. This instructional module is designed to ?ll this gap. The module is a simplified training course on ethical value orientation and good leadership skills, to be used alongside the normal school curriculum in the second year of Post Basic Education. The course applies Instructional
System Design principles into training for behavioral skills acquisition and attitudinal change.
KEYWORDS: Resource, Instructional Systems Design, Nigeria, youth, manpower development

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