Intersection of Gendered Voices by Prof. Imoh Emenyi



SCHOLARS generally agree that research is the lifeblood of scholarship, the salt of the learning process and is
central to the liberation and cultivation of the mind. Emenyi’s Intersection of Gendered Voices is a quintessence of sound scholarship in deconstructing Bakhtin’s theory of dialogism in the novel to apply it successfully to theatre. Her research explores the different voices in well-known selected works, integrating their reactions, their views and interactions by their utterances. She examines the characters as individuals engaged in a struggle of performance within the parameters of spontaneous action.

This work effectively and refreshingly brings four giant writers from two continents under one critical umbrella: Wole Soyinka and Zulu Sofola of Nigeria, Africa and LeRoi Jones and Lorraine Hansberry of the U.S.A. The research builds bridges across the ocean, across the chasms of racism and sexism, across cultural and traditional issues and values. Emenyi is to be commended for the courage in tackling a little known but very important theory and the novelty of applying it to a different genre. This opens the way to many other possibilities, to new insights, fresh ideas and visions.

It is remarkable for the balance it strikes in the rapprochement between Africa and Blacks in Diaspora.Intersection of Gendered Voices is the product of a thorough and painstaking research. It is the result of enormous courage and critical maturity. It brings to attention an emerging and serious critic in the area of African and Afro-American literature. It is a voice with strong potentials for growth in quantitative and qualitative scholarship.

Ebele Eko
Professor of Comparative Literature
University of Calabar



Chapter 1 : Deconstructing Mikhail Bakhtin’s Theory of the Novel

Chapter 2: Sex Difference and Gender Dialogue: Issues and Perspectives

Chapter 3: Gender and Culture Dialogue in Soyinka’s Death and the King’s Horseman and Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun

Chapter 4: Gender and Culture Dialogue in Jones’ Dutchman and Sofola’s The Showers

Chapter 5: The Dialogic Intersection of Male and Female Voices

Chapter 6: Afterward

Prof Imoh Emenyi

Imoh Abang Emenyi holds her Ph.D in Literature and B. A.(Hons) in English and Literary Studies from University of Calabar and M.A in English(Literature Emphasis) from University of Ibadan. She began her career in teaching at The Polytechnic, Calabar (now Cross River University of Technology) before she moved to University of Uyo where she is a Professor in Department of English and a former Chair of the Department. Professor Ememyi is a feminist dialogics critic and was on the American Studies Fulbright programme for Teachers of American Literature hosted by Northern Illinois University (NIU) at Dekalb, Colorado and New York, U.S.A.

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