Investment In Financial Assets: Basic Analysis


First Edition JESO International Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.
ISBN 978-978-49470-3-9


The preface to this book, INVESTMENT IN FINANCIAL ASSETS: BASIC ANALYSIS, follows the preface to the second edition of Dimensions of Project Evaluation by Okereke E. J (2008) except in content. Therefore this book presents a frame work for evaluating financial asset investments with a deliberate effort to pragmatise the approaches. This is our objective of overcoming the adhoc approach by sole practitioners and businessmen and reaching out lo three categories of readers: graduate and undergraduate students, practitioners and economic enthusiasts. The book has its foundation in the scripture of TRUTH, Luke 14:28-30, Ecl 3:2b, 11:1-6: Prov. 6:6-11 and Prov. 24:3, is normatively and philosophically approached. The format is designed to enhance the vividness and practical quality of a good text.

There are fourteen chapters in all. Each chapter provided explicitly detailed ingredients of the subject. This is with a view to exposing and equipping readers the skill required for investment management and analysis especially in the wake of dynamic and vibrant
financial market.

We are hopeful that the book will provide the expected benefit to our numerous users. However, there are rooms for improving on the content, as we assume full responsibility of the errors and omissions. Comments
and suggestions for improvement are welcome.

Owerrl 2013

E. J. Okereke Ph.D,
A. E. Osuala PhD, and
Prince C. Nwakanma Ph. D

Professor Emeka J. Okereke

Professor Emeka J. Okereke is a distinguished faculty member in the Department of Finance and Banking at the renowned Faculty of Management Sciences at University of Port Harcourt. With extensive experience and expertise in the field of finance, Professor Emeka J. Okereke is a sought-after educator, researcher, and industry consultant. Professor Emeka J. Okereke earned his Ph.D. in Finance from [University/Institution], a globally recognized center of excellence for finance education and research. His doctoral studies focused on [specific area of finance], where he conducted extensive research and contributed to the advancement of financial knowledge. Prior to his doctoral degree, Professor Emeka J. Okereke completed his Master’s in Finance, equipping them with a solid foundation in financial theory and analysis. Visit for more detaails.

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