New Media Graphics in Human Resource Management: Strategies for Organizational Efficiency by Akaninyene J. Sampson & Emem A. Sampson


The need for business organizations to embrace positive changes cannot be overemphasized if organizational efficiency is to be enhanced. In the 21st century, various sectors of the economy have shifted from the hitherto arduous analogue approaches to solving problems, to the digital. The new media technology, vis-a-vis graphic design, is relatively new in Nigeria, compared to advertising, yet its magnitude, range and propinquity have increased significantly with the distribution of new technologies like cable television, the Internet, and mobile network. This development, however, has the tendency to promote pleasant, uncomplicated and rapid interaction between the executive and the staff in an organization. Thus, this paper seeks to investigate the impact of applying the new media graphics in human resource management with the view to attaining organizational efficiency. In doing this, the paper appraises online inputs, highlights the significant contributions of new media graphics to human resource management, and underscores their advantages over the traditional media.

Key words: new media graphics, human resource management, organizational efficiency

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