Overview of Technology Empowered Teaching and Learning and the Emerging Digital Divide by Patience C. Bassey


The use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a necessary requirement for the enhancement of today’s teaching and learning in higher education and the nation’s economy. Apart from inadequacies of the basic social amenities, technological aids/tools are still viewed by people as being too sophisticated, thereby, creating the belief that only few can handle them. Other interested female members do not have role models to emulate. This paper was aimed at giving the overview of mostly accessible and motivational teaching tools that are technologically empowered towards enhancement of teaching and learning. The benefits of the tools towards the management of timely information were also discussed. With technology as a supportive and useful tool, teaching and learning are made easy to such an extent that people’s interests are aroused. The emerging digital divide amidst the usefulness of the tools were also highlighted.

Keywords: Technology empowered tools, Higher education, Information management, Sustainability, Post—IT survival.

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