The Image of the University of Nigeria in Nigerian Newspapers


B.A. Thesis – 1988 (University of Nigeria)

The growing complexities and interdependence in today’s world have propelled individuals, nation – states, academic and social institutions, etc. to seek the goodwill of others. This goodwill, many believe, is a reflection of people’s perceptions of such individuals, nations or institutions, impressed upon them by their different activities. And since the world is “too tumultuous” and events too many for us to personally come in contact with every occurrence, we therefore resort to what comes to our attention frame through our favourite media, to keep abreast of happening around us. The mass media decide what should or should not come to our attention frame. In this process, they become gate-keeper and ultimate definers of reality for those who depend on them for information, education or entertainment.
This, undoubtedly, has informed the notion that the media are moulders and shapers of the images of individuals, nations or institutions that they report, so much so that whatever images media consumers have of an institution or nation would be reflective of media slant. If this is so, then it is safe to infer that the image(s)
of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) as formed by Nigerians would come mostly from media presentations of the ivory tower. By implication, if UNN has negative images in the minds of people, then it will readily point accusing fingers at the media. It was the curiosity and the need to ascertain UNN‘s position in the Nigerian media that prompted us to delve into this study. We hope that the results of this research will be of utmost benefit to the university authorities in establishing how the institution fares in the media and what can be done to rectify and improve its image – building strategies.

Akpen, Uwem Udo
Agbaeru, Patrick I,
University of Nigeria
June, 1988




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Need and Significance of Study
Statement of Problem
Definition of Terms
Delimitation and Limitations

Review of Past Works
Research Questions


Professor Uwem Udo Akpan

Professor Uwem Udo Akpan is Professor of Broadcasting and Media Studies in the Department of Communication Arts, University of Uyo, Nigeria.

He started out in career with the Akwa Ibom Broadcasting Corporation, AKBC, before becoming a University Lecturer where he is, at presently, of the rank of a Professor. Through his indepth research in Broadcasting, he has published extensively in Journals (Local and International), Book Chapters and Conferences Papers. He has professional affiliations with bodies such as African Council for Communication Education (ACCE), Nigeria Union of Journalist(NUJ), Sports Writer’ Association of Nigeria where he was once the Akwa Ibom State Chairman and lots more. He is a highly experienced broadcaster who has served in several organizations and committees within the University and beyond.

In his personal knowledgebase,, you will get to know all there is to know about this great scholar and have open access to majority of his works.

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