Ethnocommunicology, Trado-Modern Communication and Mediamorphosis in Nigeria: An iconoclast’s demystification of some communication traditions


44 Inaugural Lecture of University of Uyo By Professor Des Wilson


Acknowledgements .
Citation .. I
l. Preamble
2. The beginning of the beginning
2.1. In the beginning
2.2. The road to Lagos
2.3. The end of the beginning
3. Trado-Modern Communication
4. Big Media and Small Media
5. Stages of Growth and Development of Communication Media
6. Traditional Communication
7. Structure of Traditional newscast
8. The process of traditional newscast
9. Villagisation ofthe new media
10. The future of today: Towards a Pedagogy of African Communication Epistemology
11. Conclusion
12. References
13. Appendix

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