Vision embodies a dream, a hope for a bright future. Vision 2010 embodies the dream for Nigeria during the first decade of the twenty-first century; a dream of creating à new and egalitarian Nigerian society; one that would put to good use, the abundant resources of the country to alleviate the scourge of poverty, encourage even development and bring respect for cherished moral and social values.

To achieve this, one examines what is on ground, sets goals and maps out the strategies that will usher in the new society. Towards this end, the Vision 2010 Committee segregated 13 areas of concern for close security, namely:

– norms and standards
– good and stable government
– law and order
– sustainable economic growth
– promotion of competition
– appropriate and qualitative education
– corporate identity of Nigeria
– acceptable and efficient health care delivery system
– transparency at all levels of governance
– friendly international environment
– population control
– the development of science engineering and technology.

The dice is cast. The committee has completed its deliberations and submitted its report. The blueprint for launching Nigeria into the twenty-first century has been formulated. Its implementation is the responsibility of the entire citizenry, with government as the facilitator The area of concern enumerated above require
our attention here in Akwa Ibom. We are deficient in almost all
the areas. What is paramount and basic in determining our position in the mainstream of the development process is our collective attitude to these indices of economic and social development.
As women, we must not allow the heavy burden of domestic obligations to obliterate or erode our sensitivity to our environment. While placing a premium on the family, we must not loose sight of sharpening our skills, capabilities and that of our children, through education and appropriate information, so that we can contribute
meaningfully to the developmental processes in the planned vision. We must project ourselves in a noble manner, such that we cannot be ignored. This is the vision of the Federation of Akwa Ibom Women Associations.

Ekwere Otu Akpan
Vice president, East

An Annual Publication Of The Federation Of Akwa Ibom Women Associations

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