MONEY: The Nigerian Financial System


The role of money in the development of the economy in general and the financial system in particular cannot be over emphasized. Essentially, the articles of trade in the financial system are those things that make up money. The development of money transaction is grossly influenced by the financial system. The type of instruments in use as money in an economy informs how developed or underdeveloped its financial system is.Therefore, it is obvious that Money and financial system are highly interrelated and co-related.

According to Igwenma (1997) the both are twin brothers that cannot exist without each other. Unfortunately, most texts in this area of study have been written without much thought to this high co-relationship. We are poised to bridge,this gap. This second: edition of MONEY AND THE NIGERIAN FINANCIAL SYSTEM represents our effort to provide a meaningful text for students and practitioners who are interested in learning not only the theories and concepts of money but also the practice of the ever dynamic Nigerian Financial System.

Interestingly, we are not obvious of our responsibility to communicate effectively to our rather hetreogenous readers. Consequently, the book has been arranged for easy understanding, to serve as an introduction and advance course for: practitioners and to satisfy the National Universities Commission (NUC) course requirements for students in the social and management sciences. We have, therefore, designed this text into two major parts: Part One and Part Two

Professor Emeka J. Okereke

Professor Emeka J. Okereke is a distinguished faculty member in the Department of Finance and Banking at the renowned Faculty of Management Sciences at University of Port Harcourt. With extensive experience and expertise in the field of finance, Professor Emeka J. Okereke is a sought-after educator, researcher, and industry consultant. Professor Emeka J. Okereke earned his Ph.D. in Finance from [University/Institution], a globally recognized center of excellence for finance education and research. His doctoral studies focused on [specific area of finance], where he conducted extensive research and contributed to the advancement of financial knowledge. Prior to his doctoral degree, Professor Emeka J. Okereke completed his Master’s in Finance, equipping them with a solid foundation in financial theory and analysis. Visit for more detaails.

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