Deciding to Decide how to decide: Management Science in Open Practice


1. Prologue
2. Introduction –
3. Thinking to Decide –
3.1 Other Great Thinkers –
3.2 Positive Thinkers Close to Home
4. Deciding to Decide: Gigs or Guts
4:1 Data (Gigabytes)
4.2 Heuristics (Guts)
5. Decision Engineering –
6. Decision Frames
6.1 Number of People Involved
6.2 Decision Time-Line –
7. Model-Driven Decision Support Systems
7.1 Classical Decision Theory
7.2 Behavioral Decision Model
7.3 Garbage Can Model
8. Decision Analysis
8.1 Decision Matrices
8.2 Verbal Decision Analysis
8.3.1 Method ZAPROS
8.3.2 Method ORCLASS
8.3.3 Method PACOM Or PARK
8.4 Summary
9. Visual Decision Making
9.1 Bayesian Decision Theory
9.2 Computational Framework
9.3 Visual Artifacts
10 Major Decisions of the Millennium
10.1 Research and Training
10.2 Community Service
11 Conclusion
12 Epilogue
13 References


Prof. Ntiedo Umoren

Prof. Ntiedo John Umoren is a Professor of Decision Sciences at University of Uyo. He is the  Executive Co-chairman of the Akpan Hogan Ekpo Centre for Public Policy at the University of Uyo, and the immediate past Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration at the same university. As a certified accountant and former banker, Prof. Umoren has very busy engagements in and outside Nigeria either as a lead facilitator in specialized training workshops, or a guest speaker at professional conferences.

Visit  for more information about the great scholar and have access to all his publications.

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