How to Buy

Thank you for your interest in purchasing from

The Following steps will guide you to a successful purchase of downloadable products
1. Find the product you want to buy
2. Select the currency to make payment with. We only support two currencies:

      i. US Dollars
      ii. Nigerian Naira

3. Click on “Add to Cart
4. Click on “View Cart
5. Click on “Proceed to Cart
6. Enter your Billing Details. Uncheck the “Ship to Different Address” radio button, if the Billing Address is the same as Shipping Address. If they’re different, you will need to enter the field. But this is not necessary for downloadable products.
If you are new to, it’s important you create an account, so that you can always have where to fall back to in case you misplaced your download.
6. Scroll down and select the payment gateway. We support three payment options:

      i. International Payment
      ii. Nigerian Payment
      iii. Bank Transfer

7. Ensure to click on the radio button that agrees to the terms and conditions of
8. Click on “Place Order
9. Enter the Debit/Credit Card Details
10. Exercise patience as you are being redirected to the payment gateway for secure payment. At this stage, you’ll be redirected to your bank where you may be asked to select the options between Hardware or Software token. The hardware token will require that you have the device given to you by your bank. The software token will only require the phone number and email address connected to you account. A 6 digit code will be sent to that phone number.
11. Enter the generated code received into the field created for that. If entered correctly and your account funded for the transaction, your payment will be successful.
12. You will be redirected back to the store where you will receive the transaction ID, the download link and other details.
13. You can then download.

Please call +2348085606088, +2348113916642, or send email to if you encounter any issues.
We support around the clock.