Soil Chemistry, Soil Quality and National Development: The Nexus


2.0 Soils: Basics
3.0 Soil: Its Chemistry
4.0 Some biochemical transformations
5.0 Chemistry of Problem soils
6.0 Chemistry: Basis for introduction of inputs into the soil
7.0 Soil: its quality
8.0 The Fertility of Humid Tropical Soils and Soil Resources of Nigeria
9.0 The Nexus: Soil Chemistry, Soil Quality and National Development
10.0 Issues in Fertilizer Use
11.0 My Contributions
12.0 The Future
13.0 Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations


Prof. Trenchard Ibia

Trenchard Okon Ibia is a Professor of Soil Chemistry and Fertility in the Department of Soil science, University of Uyo, Nigeria. He has vast experience and exposure in teaching, research, consultancy and the public service. Prof Ibia served in the Akwa Ibom State Executive Council as Commissioner for Agriculture and Natural Resources as well as overseeing the Ministry of Lands and Housing. He is a member of the Soil Science Society of Nigeria and a co-author of the publication “Manual of Soil, Plant and Water Analyses”.

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