Theories And Practice Of Public Administration: The Nigerian Example


1. General Concepts of Administration/Public Administration
2. Theories and Practical Leadership
3. Some Development Programmes, Projects and Strategies in Nigeria
4. Local Government in Nigeria
5. Public Financial Management
6. Public Financial Management Reforms


Although a number of texts have been written on the topic “Public Administration in Nigeria”, much has not been written about the existing policy making structures and policy makers in Nigeria. Also, few texts write elaborately on the programmes and projects initiated and implemented in Nigeria.

This book centers on the policy making structures and the programmes initiated and implemented during the different periods of governance in Nigeria. It critically analyzes the activities of the country under the various political leadership which, for fifty years, have been led by the males. Efforts have been made to list the programmes, projects and strategies applied to improve the Nigerian economy.

Part of the NEEDS (2005) document has been reproduced to help the readers assess the extent to which Nigeria has implemented the programmes under the NEEDS/SEEDS strategies earlier adopted by political leaders.

As a lecturer, the author has benefited from the research findings of others and she owes her gratitude to them by quoting source.


Dr. Enobong Umoh

Enobong David Umoh is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration. In 1996, she activated her lecturing career as an Assistant Lecturer and has grown to her present rank as an Associate Professor.
She has taught and is still teaching Undergraduate and Post Graduate students. She holds members in Professional Bodies such as Nigerian Political Science Association (NPSA).
To her credit are Several Journal Articles, Book Chapters, Monographs and Books. She has attended several conferences. One of such is National association of Women Academics (NAWACs) 4TH International Conference, “Uyo 2004”, September 5th – 10th, 2004 where she presented a paper on “Globalization and Women in Politics: The Nigerian Experience”. She is married and blessed with 5 children. You can visit her knowledgebase at where you will know more about her and be granted open access to several of her works.

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