A Paradigmatic.View of Science and Technological Education Through African Ontology by Francis E. Ekanem & Emmanuel Iniobong Archibong


The principles of science can be said to have been systematized and popularized by the Westerners. While this truth may be upheld objectively, it may not be so for technology; technology, in its crude form is borne out of necessity hence its usage even by primitive men. Today as it were, huge investments are made on science and
technology with massive returns. This study undertook to show that, while science and technology can be situated under the Western culture, especially from the perception of natural processes of “being”, African “Ontology” contains abundance of truth whose understanding can stimulate her pupils interests and further research into this fascinating enterprise of science and technological education for Africa ‘s development. This position, informed the thrust and justification of this work.
Keywords: Ontology, Culture, Paradigm, Science and Technology, Education.

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