Behind The Mask: The Untold Secrets of Secret Cults in Nigeria by Ekpo, A. H. and Anayochukwu Agbo


When what devolved into secret cults in Nigerian University began at the University of Ibadan in 1952 the future, unlike today, was not pointing backwards. Their idea was constructive service. But somewhere a mutation occurred and the fatal fission began.

Today, the Universities are conquered territories. Secondary schools are fertile nurseries and operation catch them young will soon begin at the primary schools. Even more alarming, it has spread to the Community as neighborhood terrors.

Stakeholders are fighting effects, leaving the core conflict. For once, and perhaps the only time, here is the untold story of secret cults in Nigerian Universities revealed by a tripartite force – the cultists and their godfathers, the detectives who followed them for over 50 years and the journalists who anchored their inglorious exploits. It’s a gripping revelation, stranger than fiction … It’s all the secrets… And how to conquer the cult epidemic


Table of Contents

1. CHAPTER ONE: Harvest

  • Dividends of cultism
  • Others killed by cultists

2. CHAPTER TWO: Origin and Evolution of “Cultism”

  • Pyrates, a secret society?
  • Buccaneers
  • Origin of violence & hardness
  • Vikings
  • Family Confraternity of Nigeria
  • National Association of Airlords
  • Blood Brotherhood
  • Of cult and Mafia
  • Philosophy of the Mafia
  • Why people join cult
  • Root of conflict

3. CHAPTER THREE: Inside the Cult World

  • Inside Pyrates
  • Inside Buccaneers
  • Inside KK
  • The great Ekpoma Cults scare
  • Distribution of top cults in Universities

4. CHAPTER FOUR: Organizational Structure

  • Power structure
  • Recruitment
  • Initiation
  • Discipline
  • Signs & symbols; colours gods
  • Godfathers
  • How they operate
  • Quest for power
  • The Delusion of Freedom fighting
  • Their gods
  • Their special brew
  • Their Hangouts, their Meetings

5. CHAPTER FIVE: The New Dimensions

  • Child cultists
  • Female cults
  • Cults & robbery
  • Age grade, community cults
  • Cultism, politics & thuggery
  • How they get their arms
  • Recommendations by the Interministerial Committee
  • Networking
  • How cults spread HIV
  • Cultism via Internet

6. CHAPTER SIX: The Counter Force

  • Caging the tiger
  • Uniz-ik Model
  • PCI: the Uniuyo Model
  • Mass action
  • Failed parents

7. CHAPTER SEVEN: Official Blunders

  • “Why I went back to cultism”
  • How society support cultism

8. CHAPTER EIGHT: How the law favours cultism

  • The problem of execution

9. CHAPTER NINE: Solution

10. CHAPTER TEN: How to Defend yourself against cultists

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