In vitro Cytotoxicity and Antiplasmodial Activity of Fractions from Anthocleista djalonensis A. Chev. Acetone Root Extract

by Ijeoma Solomon Okoro(1), Terrumun Amom Tor-Anyiin(1), John Ogbaji Igoli(1), Muluh Emmanuel Khan(1) and Mbeh Ubanga Eteng(2)


Aim: Malaria caused by Plasmodium falciparum is one of the killer diseases in Africa today and the uncontrollable spread of drug resistance and limited drugs with therapeutic efficacy makes it necessary to discover agents against this deadly parasite. Traditionally Anthocleista djalonensis root extract is used in the treatment of Malaria in many parts of Africa and has demonstrated to be a source of antiplasmodial agents. This study aims at identifying possible antiplasmodial agents from chromatographic root fractions of Anthocleista djalonensis of the Genatianceae family as well as to evaluate their cytotoxicity against HeLa cells.
Place and Duration of Study: The study was undertaken in the Department of Organic Chemistry,
Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa. The duration period was between March and July 2016.


1 – Department of Chemistry, Federal University of Agric

ulture, P.M.B 2373, Makurdi, Benue State,
2 – Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Sciences, University of Calabar, P.M.B. 1115, Calabar,
Cross River State, Nigeria.
Authors’ contributions
This work was carried out in collaboration between all authors. Author ISO designed the study,
performed the statistical analysis, wrote the protocol and wrote the first draft of the manuscript.
Authors ISO, JOI and MUE managed the analyses of the study. Authors MEK and TATA managed the
literature searches. All authors read and approved the final manuscript.
Article Information
DOI: 10.9734/IJBCRR/2018/36635

Prof Mbeh Eteng

Mbeh Eteng is a Professor of Biochemistry in the Faculty of University of Calabar. He holds a Ph.D from the University of Calabar (2000). He was Dean of Faculty of Basic Medical Science (2012-2016) and Chairman Committee of Deans (2014-2015). Member Governing Board UCTH, Calabar (2018 -till date). Fellow, Institute of Co-operate Administration. His current area of research is on malaria/prostrate hyperplaxia and medicinal plants research and use in management. He has successfully supervised 25 Ph.Ds.
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