Land Management and Resource-Use Efficiency among Farmers in South-Eastern Nigeria


By Edet J. Udoh and Jacob O. Akintola



This book titled “Land Management and Resource Use Efliciency among Farmers in South-Eastern Nigeria” is a reproduction of a research paper forwarded to Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors QUCS) Foundation and African Real Estate Society (AFRES) in response to an international advertised competition requesting for research works on land management in Africa (Appendix I). Although the brochure leaflet containing the advertised information was received only one week before the closing date, we hurriedly put the research paper together
an posted it by special delivery mail.

It was a great joy, however, on receiving letters – months later – that our joint research Paper was declared the best (Appendix 11) and carried a prize of £1 ,000 (one thousand British pounds) to be shared equally by two of us, a
certificate each and that the official announcement of the award would be made at the conference of the African Real Estate Society, in Arusha, Tanzania, on 23-25 October, 2001.

We were happy, as stated earlier not so much because of the money, certificates and the oflicial announcement but because of the high calibre of the distinguished international scholars and professioners who selected our paper as
the best.

The main objective of this research paper being published as a book is to give it a wider readership among professioners an researchers – particularly students in tertiary institutions both within and outside Nigeria.

In hurriedly putting this piece of work together, many individuals rendered one assistance or the other. e are deeply grateful to them all. However, the following are singled out for their special contributions and assistance. Dr. Titus Omonona, our Ph.D post-graduate students: Abdul-Ganiyu Ibrahim, Tunji Kehinde and Apata. so, we are very gratefiil to our Departmental computer operators: Mrs Yemisi Oluwagbemiro, Mrs Wumi Kuforgi and Mrs Sumbo Olaoye for painstakingly assisting us during and late after the official closing period of work

We would like to point out, however, that the views expressed in this book are those of the authors alone and should not be attributed to anyone else.

Edet J. Udoh | Jacob O. Akintola
December 2001.


  • Introduction/Research Problem
  • Conceptual Framework/Literature Review
  • Methodology
  • The Study Area
  • Data source and Collection Procedure
  • Analytical Procedure and Techniques
  • Production Function Analysis
  • Measurement of Short-run Sustainability Index (SRSI)
  • Basic Assumption of the Estimation
  • Regression Model Specification
  • Description of the Variables
  • Endogenous Variables
  • Exogenous Variables
  • Results and Discussion
  • Socio-Economic Characteristics of the Farmers and Pattern of Landuse and Management
  • Analysis of Stochastic Frontier Estimation
  • Production Elasticities
      1. – Farmland
        – Labour
        – Material
        – Migrant Status
        – Crop Diversification Index
        – Nutrient Intake Index
        – Length of Fallow
        – Fertilization
        – Drainage
  • Interactions of Physical Inputs
      1. – Land and Labour
        – Land and Material
  • Interaction of Physical Inputs and Land Use Variable
      1. – Land and Nutrient Intake Index
        – Labour and Nutrient Intake Index
        – Migrant Status and Nutrient Intake Index
        – Material and Crop Diversification
  • Interaction of Physical Input and Land Management Variables
      1. – Land and Level of Tillage
  • Interaction of Land Use Variables and Management Variable
      1. – Nutrient Intake Index and Fertilization
        – Diversification Index and Length of Fallow
  • Interaction of Land Resource Quality Variable
      1. – Drainage and Terrace
  • Interaction of Land Management Variable and Land Quality Variable
      1. – Level of Tillage and Terrace
        – Length ofTillage and Drainage
  • Interaction among Land Use Variables
      1. – Diversification Index and Nutrient Intake Index
        – Sustainable Land Use and Management Index
        – Short-Run Sustainable Index
  • Production Elasticities and Marginal Productivities of the Physical Inputs under Different Environments
  • Economic and Environmental Implications of the Major Findings
  • Conclusion /Recommendations

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