The Portrait-of Art Patron in Nigeria: A Focus on Professor Comfort M. Ekpo by John, Idibeke A.


The institution of art has been experiencing low indigenous patronage in Nigeria. This has posed a. serious problem to the artists especially in Akwa Ibom State where art institution is shaky. However, there has been a signficant shift in the trend that prevailed in the past, where majority of patrons were expatriates (mostly Europeans and Americans), rather than Nigerians. Among the indigenous patrons, Professor(Mrs) Comfort M. Ekpo is believed to have contributed immensely to the art institution in Nigerian. Therefore as an art patron, Comfort M. Ekpo, a renowned Professor of Educational Technology, deserves a wider historical place of significance in University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria and the world at large because of her outstanding contributions to arts institution. This paper seeks to examine art patronage in Nigeria document the portrait of Professor Comfort Ekpo as a female art patron, trace the historical account of the female art patrons in the world and also document the meaning. contents and style of selected works commissioned by Professor Comfort Ekpo. Finally
the paper proffers recommendations to the issues in art patronage.

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