Manpower and the Challenge of Resource Management in African Schools by Oleforo, Ngozika. A. & Egu, Rosemary, H.N.


Manpower which is the supply of personnel available or engaged for a specific job has been faced with challenges in African schools. It is necessary for the economic development of nations. African nations lack the appropriate machinery to power the economy hence the African economy is underdeveloped. Manpower at the right number and mix has been a challenge in resource management. Resource management is the prudent and efficient distribution of available resources to areas of need. Schools in Africa have been plagued by lack of the right manpower management. Resources have never been enough hence the management of available ones becomes important. This paper discusses the concept of manpower, resource management, and challenges of resource management in African schools. The paper concludes that the school manager needs to be skillful and prudent in order to be able to manage the available resources for the achievement of educational goals. It was recommended among others that mentoring of newly appointed principals in African schools should be encouraged as part of school culture to enable them to manage resources effectively for goal achievement.

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