Resource Management in Nigerian Tertiary Educational Institutions: Towards a Road Map to Save the Weeping Grass by Bassey Ubong


It is common place to hear Nigerians decry the parlours state of Nigerian tertiary education and in particular, that of the public sector. The major criticism is usually on lack of, or inadequate, facilities for teaching, learning, and research. Workers and student unions often trade barbs with government (the sponsors of public sector academic institutions) and once in a while politicians from the opposition throw barbs at the government in power. At the end of the day, it is the grass — the products of education — that is, the graduates and the society that weep. Probably a new model that emphasizes educational resources management both human and material by way of quality acquisition, quality use, and quality maintenance would make a difference. This paper proposes a road map on educational resource management for the future of Nigerian tertiary education.


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