Biochemical and Histological Alteration and Effect of Perfloxacin on Wistar Rats Reproductive Function

by Eteng, M.U.(1), Ukpanukpong(1), R.U., Abolaji(1), A. O. Eyong(2), E.U., and 1Egbung, E.(1)


Objectives: The biochemical and histological alteration and effects of Pefloxacin (PF) on wistar rats reproductive function was evaluated. Methods: Sixty four adult wistar rats (180-240 g), of either sex were randomly selected into four study groups. Each group comprised of 16 rats (eight males and eight females), with group I as control while groups II to IV were treatments. Male and female rats of each group were left overnight to mate and gestation day 0 was regarded as day spermatozoa were identified in vaginal smear of female rats. Perfloxacin in dose 11.43 mg/kg body weight in normal saline (vehicle) was administered via oral gavage to both male and female animals of group II, but to only female animals of group III and males of group IV for 14 days. Control animals received 0.5 ml normal saline. In life observation measurements were taken and at the end of drug administration, gestation and parturition periods, the number of births and weight of
litter were also taken while parent animals were sacrificed and tissues obtained for biochemical and
histological assessments. Results: Physical signs of toxicity were expressed in rats, significant (p<0.05) decrease in Hb, % PCV, RBC, progesterone and testosterone concentrations accompanied by histological lesion on testes and ovary with subsequent decrease in litter size and weight of litters were observed.

Conclusion: These results suggest adverse impact of perfloxacin on wistar rats’
reproductive function.
Key words: Perfloxacin, Biochemical and Histological effects, Reproductive function



1 – Department of Biochemistry, College of Medical Sciences, University of Calabar P.M.B 1115 Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria.
2 – Department of Biological Sciences, College of Science and Technology, Covenant University, P.M.B 1023, Canaan Land, Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria.

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