Health Information Literacy (HIL) and Control of Students’ Psychopathological Problems: The Librarian in Partnership by Etim, I. A., Inyang, I. J. & Effiong, A. E.


Nigerians are generally bereft of the ability to understand and utilise health information to make useful health decisions- As a result, there is a gap in the awareness of web-based health. resources. Therefore, to bridge this gap, health sciences librarians must collaborate with health professionals and health-care providers to advocate ways that could make students better informed in taking better health. choices in a. bid to control psychopathological problems. This paper examined Health information literacy and its effectiveness in the control of psychopathological problems for the attainment of educational goals. Health information literacy as a concept has to do with a student’s recognition of the need for health. information, exerting and exploring efforts to get these information. and its actually utilisation in solving practical problems. Therefore health information skills needed by students in order to draw from the vast pool of health information resources was discussed, ways through which a librarian can partner with health professionals, health care providers, the faculty and educators in the control of psychopathological problems in students for effective educational goals and the implication of such partnerships were highlighted. The librarian’s role in health information literacy delivery process in a bid to control psychopathological problems was also discussed and recommendations were made to include the designing of HIL skills programrne curriculum for secondary and tertiary education students, in order to increase their ability to identify, locate, evaluate and utilise authentic health information
from health information websites.

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