Historical Antecedents of the Development and Management of Educational Resource in Nigeria by Okworo, G. 8., Akpan, S. J. & Teacher Ushie, B. C.


The meaning of Educational Resource Centre (ERG) derived from the three key words: education, resource and centre has usually been associated with an environment where services such as designing, producing, acquiring, storing and displaying of instructional media resources are rendered. Throughout its history, effective ERC has required functional, comprehensive and up-to-date tools and equipment as the fundamental factor for attending the stated objectives. In the past, teachers were seen as custodians of knowledge but with the introduction of Educational Technology the educational system has changed from “teaching” to “Learning” where students are required to have mastery of in new literacies which allow them to use all kinds of emerging technologies to share their views and interact in the classroom. This paper elaborates the historical antecedents of the development and management of the ERC in Nigeria.

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