Libraries in the Management, Preservation and Dissemination of Cultural Information Resources by Felicia E. Etim, Mercy E. Ukpanah & Mercy D. Ebong


Cultural information resources are very important for economic development due to their links with lifestyle, geographic areas and close links between education and society. This paper discusses the role of libraries in management, preservation and dissemination of cultural information resources. The managerial processes
identified for managing these resources are: identification of the sources, acquisition, creation and organization dissemination and preservation. Also, the resources are preserved in libraries through proper housing, bindery and book mending and digitization. They are disseminated through display-and exhibition and internet access. The paper also highlights certain challenges involved in the. management, preservation and dissemination of these resources. These include inadequate funding, intellectual right, inadequate facilities and professional development. Recommendations are made on the wag forward for the proper management,
preservation and dissemination of cultural information resources in libraries.

KEYWORDS: Cultural information resources, management, preservation, information dissemination and training of librarians.

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