Walking the footsteps of Jesus in the Holy Land is a worthwhile endeavour for every child of God. Walking from one site to another provides the pilgrim an opportunity of impartation in physical terms, through mantles or sacramentais, which help to connect the Christian both physically and spiritually to the culture in which the Scripture is set. The Ibom Pilgrim, provides an attempt at a record of such a pilgrimage experience, which is
intended to help you build your faith, and spur you to visit the Holy Land of the Prophets, the Land of Jesus, if you can. However, if you cannot visit it; it provides you with some information on what exists in the land. Either way, this book is intended to help you grow spiritually.


Foreword vi
Prologue viii
Day 1: Departure from Nigeria to the State of Israel 1
Day 2: Arrival at the Ben Gurion International Airport, Israel 7
Day 3: Good Friday 17
Day 4: Around the Sea of Galilee 33
Day 5: Mount Tabor 40
Day 6: To Mount Sinai 52
Day 7: The Sinai Peninsular 65
Day 8: From Sinai to Jerusalem 84
Day 9: Jerusalem Christian Sanctuaries 92
Day 10: Jerusalem – Way of the Cross 103
Day 11: Return to Nigeria 119 Epilogue 122

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