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  • Origin: Mainland China

Product name: Ultrasonic Mosquito Repeller

Size: 6*3*9cm

Specification: European Standard

Shape: Square

Material: ABS flame retardant material

Rated voltage: 90V-240V (V)

Rated frequency: 50HZ (HZ)

Rated power: 3-5 (W)

Main features:

Suitable for repelling cockroaches, mosquitoes, insects, vermin, rats etc.

Ultrasonic insect repellent frequency of 22 – 65KHz, effective range of 80 – 120 m².

Non-toxic, environmentally friendly and odourless

Safe and environmental protection, anti-drop and more durable


1. The machine should be installed 80-120 cm above the ground, perpendicular to the ground, and plugged into a power outlet.

2. The installation point should avoid carpets, curtains, etc. Otherwise, the reduction in sound pressure will affect the effect.

3. It is normal for rats and pests to increase during the initial period of use. This is because they move away from their place of residence after the ultrasonic attack.

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