Accessing Education Through Effective Management of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Resources in Africa by Eno Asuquo


This paper accessed education through effective management of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) resources in Africa. The effective management of ICT in Africa requires laying a solid foundation for training and retraining programme. Hence, educational system are now advocating many countries in Africa for a review of their curricula to facilitate infusion of ICT at all levels of education including distance learning. All hand should be on desk by government and stakeholders to actualize the objectives and vision and mission of ICT in Africa. The ICT policy should provide for capacity building and life long learning to expose all and sundry to accept, adopt and use the prevailing technology in Africa to keep peace with the world at large. Hence, a credible status of ICT in Africa. .
Keywords: assessing education, effective management, ICTs resources.

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