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Thanks to that little girl in the midst of her two brothers, who was hawking wares, while they in uniform, were going to school. Little girl in Udo Umanah Street, whatever your name is, you rejuvenated my interest. You gave me the inspiration to look for the synopsis of Install the Princess which had been thrown into a junk, nearly to be forgotten. .. Again an upsurge in inspiration came for me to contribute a substance, if not an instrument to be used in the on-going gender-equality fight (merely mouthed by many women). In Install the Princess, there are in-built motivational gadgets for the girl – child to aspire out of any caged-up situation – whether from tradition or poverty, parents or fellow siblings. There is empowerment looming in the text, waiting to possess anyone who comes into contact with it. Dare to read the text and see whether there wouldn’t be a stepped- up impetus in your capacity to assert yourself. Even so is my candid belief that the girl-child is not inferior in any way to the boy. Girls have done better in home chores, beaten boys in schools, passed professional examinations with boys There is hardly any job now that can be said to be exclusive for men. In many capacities, including perhaps the most demanding of all -rearing children – women have excelled. A few currently who have been given the opportunity in our male dominated society, have proved themselves far above board. Perhaps above what the men could have done Who then says that given the chances a Mrs. President wouldn’t be better for this jaundiced land? Indeed, there is an unequaled fulfillment in me to see this script written out, having nearly given in to disillusionment due to denial of sponsorship to do it abroad three years ago.

Effiong Johnson Ph.D.

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Install the Princess is celebrative in style. It has all the ingredients of a successful African theatre experience, with a well-handled subject of global concern. Once again, thanks Johnson for the entertainment and lesson
Prof Kalu UkaTheatre Arts Dept, University of Uyo. 2006

Install the Princess (is) an interesting adventure. The Script, no doubt, yields itself as a director's delight… And this is to be expected from its author.
Steve Inegbe Ph.D.Director of the Premiere production and Ag. Head, Theatre Arts Dept, University of Uyo.

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