Youth Empowerment for Sustainable Development



Nigeria is a youth-dominated nation with 83.5 percent of her population falling within the age range of zero to thirty-nine years. Unfortunately, very little has been done by the society to motivate and enhance the ideals of the youths in the country. Development of the society and people, and the sustainability of life and environment as the goal of any nation can only be effectively attained if the solution set is people-centred. And better still, if the improvement in the state of welfare affects the majority ofthe people. The Nigerian society, with the youth forming the majority of the population, should direct her development thoughts and policies towards enhancement ofthe well-being of the youths. The potentials of the youths must be harnessed as part of the dynamization of development process. This book, Youth Empowerment for Sustainable Development, captures this process by arguing that youths should be the focus ifthe development process is to be optimized.

The book is a fundamental academic contribution on the problems, policies and prospects of youth development and youth contribution to economic development. As a book of readings with inter-disciplinary scholarly papers, it is an important research reference material for academics and an indispensable toolkit for policymakers. In addition, it is also a creditable foundation material for the teaching of courses on youth development in colleges and universities in Nigeria and other countries. I have the pleasure of recommending this book to the academia, the youths, policymakers, people in government, technocrats and indeed everyone that is interested in acquisition of knowledge, particularly as it relates to the youths. This creative book makes compulsory reading for all those interested in Nigeria’s development.

Professor Akpan H. Ekpo
Uyo, Nigeria



1. Introduction and overview: Youth empowerment for sustainable development by Godwin E. Akpan and Christopher N. Ekong | Download
2. Issues in empowerment and development by Godwin E. Akpan | Download
3. Education and Health: Human capital development among youth by Udoma J. Afangideh | Download
4. Economic implication of HIV/AIDS for youth empowerment by Godwin E. Akpan | Download
5. Child-labour, child/teenage prostitution, youth illiteracy and unemployment in Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria by Akpan H. Ekpo | Download
6. Youth, conflict and sustainable development by Gabriel S. Umoh | Download
7. Youths and entrepreneurial development in Nigeria by Okon J. Umoh | Download
8. Youth entrepreneurship: The role of small scale business by Imoh Akpan | Download
9. Sourcing of financial capital for youths in business by Monday A. Adawo | Download
10. The role of youth associations and cooperatives in youth empowerment for sustainable development by Eme O. Akpan | Download
11. Development and sustenance of an appropriate business culture amongst the youth by Ntiedo J. Umoren | Download
12. Developing and maintaining moral values for youth empowerment in Nigeria by Nse-Abasi Akpan | Download
13. Religion and sustainable youth development by Aniekan S. Brown | Download
14. Mobilization and empowerment of Nigerian youths: Implications for political participation by Ukana B. Ikpe and Ndifreke S. Umo-Udo | Download
15. Youth, governance and sustainable development by Patrick Archibong | Download
16. The new role of government in youth empowerment by Enobong C. Umobong | Download
17. Empowering the youth in sporting activities by Christopher N. Ekong and Ettah B. Essien | Download
18. Women‘s life enhancement programmes and youth empowerment for sustainable development by Selina Ekpo
| Download
19. Youth empowerment programmes in Nigeria: Focus on the National Directorate of Employment by C. Otutubikey Izugbara and Aniekan S. Brown | Download
20. Youth policies in Nigeria: What went wrong and which way forward? by Nsenam I, Udoka | Download
21. Youth empowerment: Lessons from experience by Innocent V O. Modo | Download

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